Making an impact in the lives of business owning families
We help families navigate complex economic and relational environments as they pursue trans-generational family enterprise.
Our consultants work closely with clients to help them understand, manage, protect and grow their family enterprise across generations.
  • Business Planning and Modeling
  • Mission | Vision| Purpose | Values
  • Governance
  • Knowledge Management
  • Structure and Systems
  • Organizational structure and alignment of all communication functions
  • Core Story and Corporate Narratives
  • Strategic communication planning and messaging, including
    • advertising
    • marketing
    • branding
    • public relations 
  • Communication Assessments
  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Management Communication
  • Issues and Crisis Management
  • Culture
  • Recruitment
  • Socialization
  • Family Constitutions
  • Family Councils
  • Succession
  • Organizational Exit
  • Role (Re) Negotiation
  • Organizational Change Initiatives
  • Conflict Management
  • Trust
  • Stakeholder Relations
    • Family
    • Organizational
    • External / Public
  • Network of Knowledge / Professional Advisors
Advancing knowledge and application
Our firm is built upon a foundation of research. Our approach is grounded in social scientific methodology and instills the value of research throughout all activities. Research is core to knowledge, and knowledge informs decision making. We stand on the shoulders of giants, great scholars, and consultants. 

Fediuk Botero partners with businesses, agencies, universities, and other research institutions.

For all research inquires and speaking engagements, please fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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