Our consultants will help you:

Our consultants will help you:

  • Organize ideas and generate original research agendas and processes

  • Develop original survey, formative, summative, and theoretical research

  • Analyze and interpret data

  • Assist in research presentation and publication

  • Generate summary research

Foundations in the social sciences

Fediuk Botero is built upon a foundation of research. The founding partners are grounded in social scientific methodology and instill the value of research throughout all activities. Research is core to knowledge, and knowledge informs decision making. We stand on the shoulders of giants, great scholars and consultants.


  • Tom Fediuk, Managing Director
    We believe that research is meant to inform, not to prove a point or support agendas. We adhere to the guiding principles of scientific discovery from a theoretical framework, and do not engage in research designed to support existing belief structures or advance “pre-approved” conclusions.
    Tom Fediuk, Managing Director

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